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Member States

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Member States

From the icon Constitution of the Pan American Health Organization (28.35 kB)

Article 2. Membership:

A. All American States are entitled to membership in the Organization. (American States which are Members of the Organization are hereinafter called Member Governments.)

B. Territories or groups of territories within the Western Hemisphere which are not responsible for the conduct of their international relations shall have the right to be represented and to participate in the Organization. The nature and extent of the rights and obligations of these territories or groups of territories in the Organization shall be determined in each case by the Directing Council afterconsultation with the Government or other authorities having responsibility for their international relations (hereinafter called Participating Governments).

It is understood that Member Governments having under their jurisdiction subordinate territories and peoples within the Western Hemisphere will apply the provisions of the Pan American Sanitary Code and of this Constitution to such territories and peoples.

Member States

Date of Admission

Antigua and Barbuda20 September 1982
Argentina27 September 1937
Bahamas08 October 1974
Barbados02 October 1967
Belize20 September 1982
Bolivia22 March 1929
Brazil29 October 1929
Canada27 September 1971
Chile03 October 1929
Colombia21 June 1933
Costa Rica13 December 1926
Cuba26 June 1925
Dominica21 September 1981
Dominican Republic18 November 1929
Ecuador27 September 1930
El Salvador28 May 1926
Grenada 29 September 1977
Guatemala10 May 1933
Guyana02 October 1967
Haiti 25 June 1926
Honduras15 January 1957
Jamaica23 August 1962
Mexico01 March 1929
Nicaragua17 December 1925
Panama09 March 1929
Paraguay14 June 1939
Peru20 November 1926
Saint Lucia22 September 1980
St. Vincent and the Grenadines21 September 1981
St. Kitts and Nevis 24 September 1984
Suriname29 September 1976
Trinidad and Tobago20 September 1963
United States of America28 March 1925
Uruguay14 December 1928
Venezuela13 March 1933
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