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PAHO Bahamas 2009 Staff Award Presentation

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On April 16, 2009, The Bahamas held its 2009 Staff Awards Ceremony.  At that time, Ms. Barbara Sweeting, Accounts Technician, received her 20 year service award from Dr. Mirta Roses, PAHO Director.

 Ms. Barbara Sweeting 20 Year Honoree


In August 1988, Barbara Christine Sweeting was employed by the Ministry of Health as a Filing Assistant. There she performed basic duties such as typing, filing and photocopying until June 1989, when she was re-assigned to the PAHO Bahamas Representation. There she continued to work as a Filing Assistant, but with more challenging duties.


 At PAHO, Ms. Sweeting was introduced to more advanced office equipment such as electronic typewriters, microcomputers using the DOS operating system and telex and Gestetner duplicating machines.  After working as a Filing Clerk for 5 years, Ms. Sweeting was given the opportunity to serve as Clerk in the Documentation Centre and Filing Registry. Her work was so very exemplary that, in 1997, she was assigned the responsibility of Secretary to the Environmental Engineer, a position which she held while simultaneously performing duties in the Documentation Centre and Filing Registry.  Subsequent to the departure of the Environmental Engineer in 1999, Ms. Sweeting served as the Supervisor of the Documentation Centre and Filing Registry until 2005, after which, she assumed her present duties as an Accounts Technician and EPI Focal Point.

Dr. Roses presenting award to Ms. Sweeting who is supported by Dr. Merle Lewis

Award PresentationAs the Accounts Technician and EPI Focal Point, Ms. Sweeting’s duties include the auditing of source documents for financial and budgetary matters as well as the production and processing of cheques.  This area of work is one of high responsibility as it involves a wide variety of financial functions and controls, the handling of large sums of funds with integrity and adherence to timelines. 


  In her capacity as the EPI Focal Point, Ms. Sweeting manages all aspects related to the PAHO EPI Revolving Fund Program, including the procurement and shipment of vaccines and the associated payments  for both The Bahamas and Turks and Caicos Islands.  This PAHO environment provided significant motivation for Ms. Sweeting to continue to improve her academic skills, such that she successfully completed an Associate Degree in Computer Data Processing from the College of The Bahamas in December 2005. In 2008, Barbara Sweeting was recognized and selected by her colleagues as our Employee of the Year as part of a wider Ministry of Health Employee of the Year  Award Competition.




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