Country Cooperation Strategy, The Bahamas

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The Bahamas Representation of the Pan American Health Organization/ World Health Organization conducted its Country Cooperation Strategy [CCS] Review Exercise during the period, December 1–8, 2008.
 Purpose and Objectives 

The purpose of the Country Cooperation Strategy [CCS] review is to articulate a medium term strategic framework [4-6 years] for working within The Commonwealth of The Bahamas that will guide development of shorter term Biennial Work Plans [BWP].  The CCS will reflect agreement between the national authorities and the Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization [PAHO/WHO] as to the specific priority areas that will be the focus of the technical cooperation program in The Bahamas. 


 The Bahamas has demonstrated a steadfast commitment to share expertise and resources, and to play an active role as a PAHO Member State in the health development of the Region. The CCS will take cognizance of these particular characteristics as the role of PAHO/WHO is defined.   It will also inform decision-making as regards planning, budgeting, and human and financial resources allocation.  


The specific expected results and objectives of the CCS are to identify: 


  • The core priority areas of work, key functions, and the roles of the country with respect to health development, reflecting all levels of the Organization


  • The implications of these priorities for all levels of the Organization, including the future country office presence.
 CCS Review Team 

The CCS Review Team consisted of Dr. Kathleen Israel, PAHO/WHO Representative, Guyana; Dr. Lloyd Webb, Sub-regional Advisor on Veterinary Public Health, representing the PAHO Office of Caribbean Program Coordination [OCPC], Bridgetown, Barbados and the Caribbean Food and Nutrition Institute [CFNI], Kingston, Jamaica; Dr. Jacques Girard, Health Services Advisor from the PAHO/WHO Representation in Chile, representing PAHO/WHO Health Systems and Services Program; Mr. Shambu Acharya, representing Country Focus Support at WHO Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland; Ms. Dianne Arnold, Manager, Human Resources Management, PAHO Headquarters, Washington, DC, USA; Mr. Rony Maza, Caribbean-Country Program Analyst, PAHO Headquarters, Washington, DC, USA; Dr. Yitades Gebre, Advisor-Disease Prevention and Control, PAHO/WHO Bahamas Representation and Dr. Merle J. Lewis, PAHO/WHO Representative, The Bahamas & Turks and Caicos Islands.



  The Major Outcomes of the Bahamas CCS Exercise  

Based on extensive discussions undertaken during the CCS Review with a variety of stakeholders, including officials and staff from the Ministries of Health, Environment and Education; the Public Hospitals Authorities, among others, it was determined that the PAHO-WHO technical co-operation agenda for the next five years should focus on the following three strategic priorities:

CCS Report



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