Member States Participate in Roundtable Discussions on WHO Reform

Within the framework of the regional consultation process undertaken by the World Health Organization, Member States discussed this morning the reform of the Organization in various roundtable discussions that addressed aspects of the proposed reform.

Prior to the discussions, Dr. Mirta Roses, PAHO Director, informed the delegates from the countries attending the 51st Directing Council that this reform should also reflect the new political agendas of countries and the most efficient ways to establish priorities based on based on the availability of resources so that those objectives are sustainable. She explained that the WHO General Assembly will discuss the final reform, developed after conducting a consultative process with committees representing each of the Regions.

The Director-General of WHO, Dr. Margaret Chan, said that “the world has changed in the last 60 years and we have to change the way we work.” Recognizing the financial constraints of the countries, Dr. Chan noted that “the purpose of this exercise is not to request additional resources from the countries, to carry out a consultation in order to prioritize better and respond better to the needs of the countries.”

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