Infanta Doña Cristina Stresses La Caixa Foundation’s Support for the Safe Motherhood Initiative

HRH the Infanta Doña Cristina placed emphasis on the support that the Safe Motherhood Initiative has recevied from La Caixa Foundation since 2010 with the presentation of an exhibit of photographs on maternity throughout the world by the journalist Bru Rivera.

The various activities carried out in the Region provided an opportunity to appeal to the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean to pay attention to the problem of maternal mortality, particularly with emphasis on vulnerable populations, said the Infanta Cristina. She added that, in spite of the advances, a great deal still remains to be done.

“Maternal mortality rates remain unacceptably high,” she said. She added that leadership in the area should also influence the private sector and civil society to improve the health of all groups.

She highlighted three initiatives of the La Caixa Foundation as examples of what the private sector can contribute to health without duplicating efforts. On the one hand, there is the GAVI Alliance to ensure vaccination in Africa and now in Latin America; on the other, activities related to social mobilization and awareness that, among other things, allowed the Foundation to raise funds for the reconstruction of Haiti.

The Infanta Cristina also highlighted the creation of the Global Health Institute, which shares PAHO’s values, and counts Decade of Vaccines among its activities and also works on reproductive and neonatal health.

“Investing in safe motherhood is an investment in the health of women,” she said. “These meetings are important to reaffirm commitments and exchange experiences,” said the Infanta Cristina. She added that they also help “renew the collaborative spirit” of all sectors involved.

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