Directing Council Appoints PAHO Executive Committee and BIREME Advisory Committee Members

The 51st Directing Council has elected Brazil, El Salvador, and Chile as the three new members of the Executive Committee, replacing Argentina, Guatemala, and Haiti. The Executive Committee consists of nine Member States, elected by the Conference or the Council to serve for overlapping periods of three years. The Committee, which meets twice a year, functions as a working group of the Conference or the Council. The Director of PAHO can convene special meetings of the Committee either on her own initiative or in response to a request from at least three Member Governments. The Committee has an auxiliary advisory body, the Subcommittee on Program, Budget and Administration.

The Directing Council also selected the Advisory Committee of BIREME, which will now be composed of Bolivia and Suriname, together with Argentina, Chile and Dominican Republic, and praised the work hitherto carried out by Jamaica and Mexico as part of this organism. The Advisory Committee is a standing body of BIREME and fulfills advisory functions before the Director of PAHO. It’s tasks include making recommendations to the agency’s director on the programmatic functions of BIREME, based on PAHO’s Strategic Plan and PAHO’s Technical Cooperation Program of Work, as well as the recommendations of the Members of the Scientific Committee of BIREME.

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