Plan of Action to Accelerate Reduction of Maternal Mortality Approved

A plan of action to accelerate the reduction of maternal mortality, prevent severe maternal morbidity, and strengthen maternal disease and mortality surveillance in the region, was approved this afternoon during the 51st Directing Council of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO).

According to official figures published in PAHO’s Basic Indicators 2010, there were 9,500 maternal deaths in Latin America and the Caribbean. About 95% of maternal mortality in the region can be avoided with the knowledge that countries have today.

The most common causes of maternal mortality are pregnancy-induced hypertension (26%), hemorrhage (21%), complications from unsafe abortions (13%), obstructed labor (12%), sepsis (8% ) and other causes (15%).

The discussion on this plan of action began Tuesday, alongside a panel of experts that agreed that while the Region of the Americas has reduced its maternal mortality rate, it’s still not enough, and further action is needed to achieve this goal. You can access further information through the following link:

Among the effective interventions to reduce maternal deaths that the plan of action plan proposes are the following: increase contraceptive coverage and the availability of family planning counseling prior to conception and after an obstetric event; increase the availability of skilled health workers for preconception, antenatal, childbirth, and postpartum care in basic and emergency obstetric units; the prevention and detection of intrafamily violence during pregnancy.

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