Jon Andrus Presents Supplement on Rubella to Appear in The Journal of Infectious Diseases (JID)

PAHO Deputy Director Dr. Jon Andrus launched a special supplement of the Journal of Infectious Diseases (JID) on rubella elimination in the Americas, during this week’s meeting of the 51st PAHO Directing Council.

The journal supplement includes 29 articles describing the process and specific efforts that led to the elimination of rubella and congenital rubella syndrome from the Americas-”a landmark public achievement in the Western Hemisphere that ranks with polio and measles,” Andrus said.

“We know that success stories always stimulate interest,” the PAHO Deputy Director told a session of the Directing Council attended by a number of the articles’ authors. “Hopefully, in this way your story will also stimulate action in other parts of the world and ultimately initiate well-coordinated and managed global action.”

Andrus noted that JID is “one of the most respected peer-reviewed scientific journals in circulation” and thanked the publication’s editor, Dr. Martin Hirsch, for his support.

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