Intersectorial Plan for obesity prevention and control: Promoting healthy lifestyles and healthy eating for Brazilian people

Obesity is a multifactor disease and its determination is associated to biological,historical, ecological, economical, social, cultural and political aspects. Its impact is directly observed on the health sector, burdening the Health System. However to face the problem it is imperative the mobilization and commitment of various sectors of
A recent national research shows that about 50% of the population in Brazil is overweight, and about 15% is obese. Each year there is an average increase of 1% overweight and obesity in adults. And the increase is more expressive among the most vulnerable families.

FROM: Technical Committee of the Interministerial of Food and Nutrition Security Chamber in Brazil.

Coutinho, Sra. Janine Giuberti (BRA) – Codina, Dr. Luis F. (BRA)

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