World Hepatitis Day to be Celebrated 28 July 2011

KMC’s web team along with the Area of HSD, launched this week the official site of World Hepatitis Day 2011.

In 2010 the 63rd World Health Assembly (WHA) of WHO, called for a comprehensive response to viral hepatitis. As mandated by the WHA, from 2011 onwards, World Hepatitis Day is promoted on 28 July in order to provide an opportunity for awareness raising and greater understanding of viral hepatitis as a global public health problem, and to stimulate the strengthening of preventive and control measures of hepatitisrelated morbidity and mortality in all Member States.

Please visit the World Hepatitis 2011 site.

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One Response to “World Hepatitis Day to be Celebrated 28 July 2011”

  1. Daniel Díaz says:

    Excelente iniciativa, con duro trabajo y participación de todos los sectores, se podrá poner freno a las hepatitis virales.

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