In Argentina: Key progress in the implementation of the Regional eHealth Strategy

Experts from the Ministry of Health of Argentina, Hospital Italiano and universities, among others, stressed the need to establish an eHealth plan for the country, during a meeting organized by the Pan American Health Organization on 14 August in Buenos Aires.

The discussion highlighted the need of eHealth experts in the nation and public policies that support the sustainability and viability of projects, such as the creation of a unique electronic medical records and telemedicine. Participants emphasized the fundamental role that the leadership of the Ministry of Health plays in the development of such policies and, in particular, to meet the needs of joint inter-institutional and inter-sectoral.

Currently, there are favorable conditions for the development of eHealth policies. “At the regional level, for example, the Regional Strategy and Action Plan from PAHO/WHO represents a significant opportunity,” says Myrna Marti. “At the national level, initiatives such as Argentina Connected, the SISA, Plan Nacer, and Remediar+Redes program, among others, provide the infrastructure and the information base that are essential for the development of such policies.”

The expert Andrea Cortinois from the University of Toronto explained that eHealth plays an important role, not only in health services, but also on the way to universal access to health care. The ESAC project, which he coordinates with Giselle Ricur of PAHO, seeks to promote equity and contribute to improving the health and welfare of marginalized populations in the region of Latin America and the Caribbean, through the application of technologies to public health.


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