News from the Editorial Services Team

Regina Castro, Lucila Pacheco, and Roberta Okey of KMC’s editorial services team participated in and provided input for the 12th meeting of the Publishing Policy Coordination Group (PPCG) on 15 February 2011. The videoconference produced a rich exchange of ideas between WHO Headquarters and the WHO Regional Offices of Africa, the Americas, and Europe regarding the development of key strategies for the implementation of the new WHO publications policy.

A similar exchange between WHO Headquarters and the Regional Offices of the Eastern Mediterranean, South-East Asia, and Western Pacific was held earlier the same day. The input from this global encounter was incorporated into a document that was presented to WHO Director-General’s Office. The recommendation is that the overall strategy should emphasize the importance of quality over quantity and of improving the cost- efficiency of WHO publishing through better publications planning, clearance procedures, and the availability of all WHO information products on the WHO Web site.

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