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PAHO/WHO Belize recognize its staff at the Annual Award Ceremony

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Active ImageBelize City - 28 October 2011 – The Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) in Belize with a key role in the development of Belize’s health system, recognized its staff at its Annual Award Ceremony held on 27 October 2011, Belize City. Although there are some staff members working on the spotlight, there are other members working behind the scenes that keep the operations sailing smoothly.





Active ImageIn his special remarks, Dr. Gerardo de Cosio, PAHO/WHO Belize Representative, recognized the awardees by highlighting their contributions and achievements made during these years. Awards were given to those who provided satisfactory services on the completion of 10, 15, and 20 years of service:

According to Ms. Maria Rodriguez, award recipient for 10 years of service, working for PAHO has been rewarding - it has helped me to develop my competencies in the different areas of work. I have also had the opportunity of meeting other people and travelled abroad for training.

Mr. Emir Castaneda, also awardee for 10 years of service, indicated that although these years have gone fast, he has learned and gained experience to improve the health status of the peoples.
Ms. Olivia Contreras, award recipient for 10 years of service, highlighted that it has been 10 fruitful years - I have learned a lot from colleagues who have come and gone and also from those who have remained.  It’s a personal satisfaction to know that my contribution as small as it may be contributes to the improvement of the health of the people of my country.

Ms. Nancy Naj who was awarded for 15 years of service, described these years as a learning experience - I am pleased and honored to receive such award, as well as the recognition given to my educational achievement. All these years have given me a wealth of experiences, much lessons learned, and encouragement to have dedicated 15 years of service to PAHO.  The learning experience has contributed positively to my achievements to my career life as an individual.

Mr. John Flowers was the award recipient for 20 years of service. I am honored and humbled by yet another award from PAHO, 20 years is 2/3 of my working life and it has been a challenging experience for me with the change of representatives every three years. Given the roller coaster ride I believe I have withered the storm well. I am blessed with two more years before retirement;   hopefully, I can now drift with the tides. Many thanks again to all whom made these awards possible. I know it was well deserved. Thanks!!!!!

A special award was honored to Sergio Guerra recognizing his outstanding contribution to the Country Office. He is an individual who has only four years under his belt with outstanding performance as driver and other duties as emulated by all staff.
According to Dr. Margorie Parks, Deputy Director of Health Services, Ministry of Health, PAHO/WHO Belize has an important role working together with the Ministry of Health. She thanked the Organization and staff for the continued technical cooperation in health. The Ministry of Health was handed over a recognition plaque for the strong collaboration that exists between both entities.

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