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World Cancer Day will soon be celebrated the 4th of February 2013. Under this year’s theme “Cancer-Did you know?”, World Cancer Day focuses on four key myths around cancer, and offers an opportunity to raise our collective voices in the name of improving knowledge and providing the facts to dismiss misconceptions about the disease.

Cancer is not just a disease of the wealthy, elderly and developed countries. It has become a global epidemic, affecting all ages and socioeconomic groups, with wide-reaching social, economic, development, and human rights implications. Nevertheless, with the right strategies, around 30% of the cancer cases can be prevented, and many more people with cancer can now be treated effectively and cured. World Cancer Day aims to promote a ‘whole-of-society’ approach that includes governments, academia, non-governmental organizations, private sector, people living with and affected by cancer, and others, to support cancer prevention and control efforts.


World Cancer Day 2013 is particularly important as it will be followed by the first meeting of the Women’s Cancer Initiative, convened by PAHO in Washington D.C. from 5 to 7 February, as part of the Pan American Forum for Action on NCDs (PAFNCD). This meeting will be an important landmark to advance the agenda for breast and cervical cancer prevention and control in the Americas, strengthening partnerships, outlining, and implementing a joint plan of action to synergize efforts.

To help you support World Cancer Day celebration in your country, graphics materials including factsheets and posters are available from PAHO´s website at: For further information about World Cancer Day, please check the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) website at: Amongst other resources you´ll find an interactive map of events where you can upload any campaign or activity related to World Cancer Day celebration, a logo that has been developed to establish a global identity for World Cancer Day as well as links to some of the best cancer prevention campaigns from around the world.

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