UN agencies promote their work during UN day

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Active ImageBelize City, 28 October 2011 – Six UN resident agencies including the Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization in Belize came together to highlight their work on United Nations Day, 24 October 201. "Let us unite, seven billion strong, in the name of the global common good." – Message by the Director General.
At the Open Your Eyes morning television show, Channel 5, the UN agencies discussed their contributions made to the country. Being in close collaboration with the government and other partners, it was pointed out that evidence-based information is produced and used collaboratively to carry out the program functions. Emir Castaneda, Information Officer, PAHO/WHO Belize, cited the improved surveillance system for Gender Based Violence which was done through partnerships. Fact sheets on the UN in Belize were distributed to over 8000 readers through the 4 local newspapers.


Active ImageThe UN Country Team, resident and non-resident agencies, funds and programs, ensure that international assistance responds to the needs and priorities of the people.  Coordinating development operations promotes more strategic support for national plans and priorities, makes operations more efficient among UN Agencies. This also helps the UN to be a more relevant and reliable partner for government and civil society. For example PAHO/WHO has coordinated efforts with other UN Agencies to address HIV/AIDS, violence, nutrition, and disaster related issues among others.

The UN Country Team is currently drafting the UN Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF).  This strategic framework will outline the cooperation between Belize and the United Nations System for the period 2013 – 2016.  It guides the work of all UN Agencies and their partners in contributing strategically to the human rights principles and standards, and to improved levels of human and sustainable development.  This framework will be aligned to Belize’s Horizon 2030. 

The Pan American Health Organization, which is the Regional Office in the Americas of the World Health Organization, was founded in 1902, and works with all countries of the Americas to improve the health and quality of life of their peoples. The PAHO/WHO Country Office in Belize was established in the 1950s.

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