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"Belize is a small, independent country on the Caribbean coast of Central America. The 2007 mid-year population was estimated at 311,500 persons. It shares borders with Mexico to the north, Guatemala to the west and south, and with the Caribbean Sea to the east. It is 274 km long and 109 km wide, with a total land area of 22,700 km2, the lowest in Central America. 

Belize's health profile is a reflection of the trends seen in most countries of Central America and the Caribbean. It is undergoing the epidemiological transition from communicable diseases (NCDs) as the main causes of death and illness, and continues to address emerging and reemerging CDs while grappling with increasing levels of NCDs. In general, health indicators show improved life expectancy and survival, but improvements in quality of life and decreases in some preventable causes of death and illness remain major health challenges."

Below you will find statistical data as it relates to the country profile:      

icon Health Sytems Profile Belize Monitoring and Analyzing Health Systems Change/Reform July 2009

icon Belize Millenium Development Goals First Report (388.7 kB)

icon Belize Chapter - Health In the Americas 2007 (Link)

icon Belize National Health Plan 2007-2011 (392.21 kB)





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