Ministry of Health/PAHO Joint Press Release

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The Backbone of Our Health System – Our Health Workforce

Active Image29 September 2010 | BELIZE CITY/BELIZE –

The contribution of the health workers is one of the most essential components of a health system’s ability to effectively provide quality care and to ensure equitable access to that care throughout the entire population.

According to the Minister of Health, the Honourable Pablo Marin, “Belize, like all countries in the region, is subject to the global crisis in the health workforce. This global crisis requires strategic planning and action to face the current situation and to anticipate future needs.  In seeking solutions we need to develop evidence-based strategies to train, recruit and retain qualified health professionals in Belize. Having the right supply, distribution and appropriately deployed health workforce is critical to having an effective and efficient health care delivery system in Belize.”

“Today, we are pleased to launch the Belize Health Workforce Strategic Plan 2010–2014, which the Ministry of Health developed in collaboration with our partners” announced the Honourable Pablo Marin. “Only through a joint effort of all stakeholders can we promote and support the development of the health workforce in Belize. We consulted extensively with our partners in health across the country, and this important document further strengthens the foundation upon which we continue to build our vision of quality health care for all Belizeans.”
Collaboration and partnership of stakeholders will be vital to the successful implementation of this plan, and therefore the Belize Human Resources for Health Observatory will play a key role in guiding future actions, and helping to measure progress. The Observatory comprises members from various sectors and disciplines, and provides analysis and recommendations on issues related to human resources for health.

Dr. Beverley Barnett, the Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) Representative in Belize, states that “PAHO/WHO is committed to contribute to the strengthening of the health workforce in Belize.  Health workers include all of the men and women who work in the health field – not only physicians and nurses, but also public health workers, policy makers, educators, clerical staff, scientists, pharmacists and laboratory technologists. Together, all these people make up the health workforce. Health workers are not just individuals, but are also integral to well-functioning health teams, in which each member contributes different skills and performs different functions for the health and well-being of the people they serve.”

For more information please contact:

Dr. Robert Tucker
Focal Point - Human Resources for Health
Policy Analysis and Planning Unit
Ministry of Health
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Telephone:  822 2325
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Mr. Emir Castaneda
Knowledge Management and Communications Focal Point
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Telephone: 224-4885
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