Country Consultation Meeting for the Development of a Regional Agenda for Hospitals in Integrated Health Services Delivery Networks

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Belize City, 3 October 2012 –   PAHO/WHO Belize held a Country Consultation meeting on the 3rd of October from 8:30 am until 4pm, as the first activity in a series of planned activities aimed at creating a Regional Agenda for Hospitals in Integrated Health Service Delivery Networks (IHSDNs).  Participants included hospital managers and national directors of health services, managers from the private clinics as well as representation from University of Belize.  The main objective of the meeting was to document the views and recommendations and identify key thematic areas for the development of a Regional Agenda for Hospitals in IHSDNs.

The day’s proceedings officially commenced with Dr. Gustavo Vargas, the Health Systems and Services Advisor, PAHO/WHO and Dr. Gerardo de Cosio, PAHO/WHO Representative Belize to give the official welcome.

Over the next decade, the role of hospitals will be redefined in many ways and those hospitals in both developed countries and the developing world need to address major reforms.  It is a fact that access capacity in some cases and scarce resources in others have forced countries to improve the functioning of their hospitals, restructure service delivery and implement measures to achieve better interaction between first-level and specialized care.

It is in this context that the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and other international organizations are expected, by Member States, to examine the situation and offer a new vision for the development of hospitals in the context of an integrated health services network.  In addition, PAHO is also expected to bring attention to the need to intensify capacity building in order to support the reforms in the hospital sector in different countries.  To this end, the goals upon which this meeting was guided aimed at developing a guide to the future development of hospitals across the region and to create a road map for transformation within the context of integrated health service networks based on Primary Health Care (PHC).

The discussion closed at 4pm when Dr. Vargas thanked the participants for participating and explained that the deliberations and findings of the meeting would be put into a report for future activities related to the Integrated Health Services Network.

The Pan American Health Organization, which is the Regional Office in the Americas of the World Health Organization, was founded in 1902, and works with all countries of the Americas to improve the health and quality of life of their peoples. The PAHO/WHO Country Office in Belize was established in the 1950s.