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Panama: training on depression, OTH, and epilepsy (mhGAP) for primary care practitioners


Another training course under the Mental Health Gap Action Program was held December 5-7, in Panama City. The course on depression and epilepsy guidelines was given to 21 primary care practitioners from the Colón and San Miguelito health regions. The participants were from the country’s two government health providers: the Ministry of Health (MINSA) and the Social Security Fund (CSS).

Refresher workshop to examine progress in the Mental Health Gap Action Plan (mhGAP) held in Colón, Panama

A refresher course was held on December 15 for primary care practitioners from the Colón and San Miguelito regions who had attended the depression and epilepsy modules offered in August.  Dr. Jorge Rodriguez, Senior Mental Health Advisor of PAHO/WHO introduced the new Regional Strategy and Plan of Action on Epilepsy approved by PAHO’s Directing Council in October. The most relevant aspects of the WHO pilot project for the implementation of mhGAP in Panama were also examined, particularly in the primary care context. The primary care professionals also had the opportunity to point out strengths and weaknesses in the implementation process.


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