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Chile: mental health in emergencies and disasters

JICA - Japan International  Cooperation  Agency-, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health (MINSAL) and the Pan American Health Organization, organized a seminar on Mental health care and protection in emergencies and disasters. H. Kato, Y. Tominaga and S. Kochi were invited to describe their experience in Japan’s earthquake and tsunami. They explained the concept and application of “kokoronocare” (psychological first aid). Gisela Acosta, Chief of MINSAL’s Department of Emergencies and Disasters, and Alfredo Pemjean, Head of the National Mental Health Program, presented the national “Plan for Mental Health in Emergencies and Disasters.” Similarly, Víctor Aparicio, PAHO/WHO Subregional Advisor on Mental Health, described the regional context in emergencies and disasters from the Organization’s perspective.

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