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Advances in Perú


The new Peruvian Mental Health Executive Director, Gloria Cuevas, together with the Reform Promotion Group (GIR) have started developing guidelines for the reorientation of mental health services towards community-based care, as well as technical norms on mental health care for health centers, by levels of complexity.

The National Congress has recently created the “Committee on Social Inclusion and Persons with Disabilities”. The Pan American Health Organization was invited by this committee to describe the situation of mental health in the Region. The presentation was made by Hugo Cohen, PAHO/WHO Subregional Advisor on Mental Health for South America, and María Edith Baca, from PAHO/WHO local office. As of this report, the legislature decided to promote a series of initiatives to position the country in the context of international agreements and to move towards legislation that promotes the development of community-based mental health services in accordance with international human rights standards.

Also, the Ministry of Health and the National Commission for Development and Life without Drugs -DEVIDA- agreed to take concerted action in the field of alcohol and drug abuse.

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