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Mental Health Post Graduate Diploma Course concluded


About 45 students completed the Mental Health Post Graduate Diploma Course offered by the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) United States-Mexico Border Office, the Autonomous University of Ciudad Juárez (UACJ), the Center for Development and Therapeutic Care (CEDAT), and Human Growth and Education for Peace (C.HEPAZ). The course was designed to train professionals in the field of care for victims of violence.

The objective of the course was to implement a comprehensive model of violence prevention by strengthening public institutions and civil society to prevent, identify and coordinately address social dynamics and risk factors of violence in areas of high conflict. It also seeks to train participants in a humanistic psychotherapeutic approach that allows victims of violence to transcend this life experience.

The course covered a total of 200 classroom hours spread over 10 modules lasting 20 hours each. The curricula included various topics such as crisis intervention, grief resolution, care for the family and immediate environment of the victim of violence, among others. It also dealt with the importance of mental health policies and plans and of mental health protection in emergency situations. The course featured several speakers including: Elizabeth Powers, David Scott, David Castaneda, Dévora Kestel, Victor Aparicio and Luis Villareal.


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