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WHO report - Dementia: a public health priority



The World Health Organization has just released the WHO report - Dementia: a public health priority.   





New publication in Argentina: Mental   Health and Community

This new semiannual publication was launched by the mental health area of the Community Health Department at the University of  Lanús ( Buenos Aires

ProvinceArgentina). The magazine aims to "generate processes of research, opinion and debate on prevalent problems in order to bring together professionals and social and cultural sectors involved in mental health issues and human rights."

Mental Health and Psychosocial Support in Disaster Situations in the Caribbean



Many publications addressing mental health issues in disaster situations have been produced in the last decade. Nevertheless, the specific reality of the Caribbean, with its limited number of mental health professionals and its high vulnerability to natural hazards, requires material that specifically addresses these characteristics and reflects the latest developments and approaches.

This new publication is directed to Caribbean health sector managers, community workers and other disaster and health professionals. It provides guidance on improving mental health and psychosocial support primarily in two phases of the disaster cycle: preparedness and response, and to a lesser extent, recovery.

Bugs, Drugs and Smoke: Stories from Public Health




This publication of the World Health Organization is available online. 




Journal of Community Psychiatry: Mental health and humanitarian emergency  (only in Spanish)


The Spanish journal “Cuadernos de Psiquiatría Comunitaria” has devoted its latest issue to the topic "Mental health and humanitarian emergency." The articles deal with emergencies in the earthquakes of  Peru, Chile and Haiti, as well as the humanitarian emergency in  Palestine.

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