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New Publication: Community Mental Health Actions (in Spanish)


Acciones de Salud Mental en la Comunidad” is a compilation of presentations edited by Manuel Desviat and Ana Moreno. It was launched at the XXV Congress of the Spanish Association of Neuropsychiatry-Mental Health Professionals held at Tenerife, Canarias on June 6-9. 

Economic policy reasons and a certain lack of knowledge on the part of society and of social and health care professionals themselves, lead to disregard the community model as the healthcare and social model to defend. Hence the need for this publication; as for practicing and defending a model, it is necessary to know its principles, its conceptual foundations, and its tools, i.e. its techniques and strategies, as well as its ethical, social and legal issues.

Ninety four authors from different disciplines and views participated in the elaboration of 73 chapters, ranging from diagnosis to psychopathology, from clinic to health care and training programs, from examples of best practices to legal aspects and the voice of users and citizens. Its aim is to become a tool for enabling mental health professionals to implement this model efficiently and for advocacy.


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