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mhGap Workshop in Peru

The II mhGAP Workshop on "Reducing the gap in the first and second level of care in Peru" (5-7 February) was a joint effort between the Ministry of Health, DEVIDA (Governing Body on drugs under the Council of Ministers), and PAHO/WHO Country Office.

Peru will progressively promote the use of WHO’s mhGAP Intervention Guide for mental, neurological and substance abuse disorders in non-specialized health settings, within the framework of its renovated national mental health policy, which lays special emphasis on primary care community-based mental health. It seeks to strengthen the capacity of health professionals working in different health centers in Lima and Callao; to train professionals as facilitators who can replicate the experience in other centers; and to early identify problems and mental health disorders in the population seeking treatment in level I and II health care facilities.


According to identified needs, the modules included were those on depression, other significant emotional or medically unexplained complaints (OTH), alcohol use disorders, drug use disorders, self-harm/suicide, and behavioral disorders.


The participating institutions included: the Ministry of Health’s Mental Health Office; DEVIDA; Etapa de Vida Adolescente y Joven (EVAJ), responsible for youth and adolescents’ health care; and Lima City, South Lima, North Lima and Callao health offices.


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