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Technical cooperation between Honduras and Panama: the mental health component in general hospitals

On the 10th and 11th of March, a workshop was held for the Project for Technical Cooperation among Countries (TCC/Honduras-Panama) on "The mental health component in a general hospital in a community environment," in La Ceiba, Honduras. The event was attended by Dr. Rigoberto Tabora, Hospital Director of Atlantis, representatives of the National Mental Health Program; and a large group of professionals from the Departments of Comayagua, Olancho, Cortes, Francisco Morazán and Choluteca. A delegation from Panama and officials from PAHO were also in attendance.

The workshop highlighted the need to integrate mental health into general health services and to decentralize specialized services. The local experiences of La Ceiba (Honduras) and Colon (Panama) were positively assessed as this project being an opportunity to strengthen the skills of the teams of both countries. Honduras ratified the need to prioritize the training of nursing professionals and environmental health technicians in mental health issues as a strategy to strengthen the primary level of healthcare.

In the month of May there will be a workshop in Panama where a technical document on the development of the mental health component in general hospitals will be presented.

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