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Training Workshop

Basic human rights and fundamental freedoms of people with mental disabilities-Prevention of inhumane and degrading treatment

Mexico City, 14-15 April, 2009.  In the Fray Bernardino Alvarez Psychiatric Hospital auditorium a training workshop on basic human rights and fundamental freedoms of people with mental disabilities with a focus on the prevention of inhumane and degrading treatment was celebrated. The workshop was organized by the Mexican National Humans Rights Commission with the collaboration of the Secretary of Health and PAHO/WHO.  

The Mexican National Human Rights Commission planned this workshop after visiting various centers for people with mental disabilities in different states and as a measure to improve the protection of their rights. The workshop was run by Mr. Javier Vasquez, PAHO/WHO Human Rights Advisor, and by Dr. Victor Aparicio, Subregional Advisor of Mental Health for Central America, the Hispanic Caribbean and Mexico, who outlined PAHO/WHO’s mental health strategy, as well as the conventions, norms and standards for protecting the rights of people with mental disabilities. They worked mainly in groups analyzing cases. The entire workshop was coordinated by Javier Vasquez.



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