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Workshop in the Cayman Islands – The Mental Health Policy

Cayman Islands, 8-9 May, 2009.  The First National Mental Health Workshop was organized in collaboration between PAHO and the Ministry of Health aimed at developing a mental health policy for the country.

Active ImageApproximately 50 professionals from different sectors -mental health, general health, substance abuse, education, prisons, private, and many others- attended the workshop. The level of participation and the enthusiasm shown contributed to the production of an outline for the National Mental Health Policy, its vision, values and principles as well as the objectives that the country wants to achieve in the immediate future.  

This is considered to be the first step in a long process intended to revise and update the mental health situation in the country and promote the participation of all stakeholders as well as of representatives from the civil society.   

The workshop was facilitated by Dr. Marc Lockhart, Director of Psychiatric Services, and Ms. Dévora Kestel, Mental Health Sub Regional Advisor for the English Speaking Caribbean, PAHO.  



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