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Psiquiatría Sur


Psiquiatría Sur  is an initiative that seeks to contribute to the advance and development of Mental Health Public Policies in Chile, with the purpose of providing better and more adequate Mental Health and Psychiatric services to the population of that country.  It is also interested in collaborating with the rest of Latin America and the Caribbean in achieving these goals.  


Additionally, Psiquiatría Sur aspires to build citizenship around the needs of people with respect to mental health, quality of life and socio-sanitary care of psychiatric disorders. 


Psiquiatría Sur seeks to extend the capabilities of professionals, technicians, volunteers, users, and families.  It also aims to create synergy between institutional and non-institutional actors, between the world of public and private services providers, of national and international agencies and of NGO, with the purpose of building a broad network based on unity, trust and cooperation.  It involves the dissemination of materials, the interchange of resources and experiences, continuous education and the development of human resources, paying special attention to the possibilities offered by new information technology.


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