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International Symposium on Mental Health Nursing


The first International Symposium on Mental Health Nursing, with special emphasis on community mental health, was held in Argentina on June 27-29, 2011. It was organized by Cordoba´s Nurses Association -AEC- and supported by the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO/WHO). 

It was attended by local authorities and university and AEC’s representatives. Also present were: Jorge Rodríguez, Senior Advisor on Mental Health; Silvina Malvárez, Regional Adviser on Nursing and Health Technicians; and Hugo Cohen, Subregional Adviser on Mental Health for South America, all from PAHO/WHO. The participation of experts from all over Latin America added high scientific value to the event.

Among the main topics analyzed were: situation and status of mental health in the Americas, new legislations, the reform movement, and training of human resources. The 272 attendees from Latin America and several Argentine provinces participated in workshops and other activities for sharing and exchanging experiences. Forty one scientific papers and three books written by nurses from the provinces of Cordoba and Santa Fe were presented at the event.

A National Mental Health Nursing Network was launched within the framework of the meeting of international nursing networks that took place during the event. They agreed to meet certain objectives in the current year and on the importance of disseminating the contents of the new mental health law, 26,657, taking it as a basis for promoting psychiatric reform in Argentina.

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