January - February 2012
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1 Interesting Links 167
2 Report on Mental Health Systems in South America through the Assessment Instrument for Mental Health Systems 164
3 International Master in Mental Health Policy and Services 256
4 Workshop focuses on the delivery of ‘psychological first aid’ 154
5 Professionals trained in mental health and human rights 262
6 Panama: training on depression, OTH, and epilepsy (mhGAP) for primary care practitioners 167
7 New WHO-AIMS in Guatemala 150
8 Clinical management of acute pesticide poisoning 147
9 Central America and the Dominican Republic: sub-regional report on suicide (1988-2008) 147
10 Comayagua (Honduras): training on epilepsy (mhGAP) for primary care practitioners 158
11 Concluding workshop of an inter-country cooperation project on introducing the mental health care component in general hospitals 226
12 Peru: Meeting with the Full Commission on Social Inclusion and Persons with Disabilities of the Congress of the Republic of Peru 236
13 National Mental Health Conference, Ecuador 302
14 First Anniversary of Argentina’s Mental Health Law 270
15 World Health Organization launches QualityRights Project 261
16 Professionals meet to discuss strategies to address mental health problems on the Mexican-U.S. border. 187
17 Peru, Chile, and Argentina share experiences about mental health issues 332
18 South American countries share experiences in the mental health field 266
19 Latin American mental health professionals visit mental health services in Andalucía (Spain) 253
20 Countries of the Americas Face Major Challenges in Mental Health 359
21 Haiti Celebrates World Mental Health Day 262

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