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In the roadmap to change toward the consolidation of PAHO as a more efficient and effective knowledge-based Organization, new strategies, policies, and products have been established in order to improve the dissemination of institutional and technical and scientific information, produced by the Institution at all its levels, projects, and entities.

Under the principles of Equity, Convergence, Standards, Scalability, Integration with WHO, and Interoperability with Sources of Information on Public Health, a strategy called "PAHO Web 2.0" was launched at the beginning of 2008, that consolidates, standardizes and integrates all the institutional portals of the Organization.

Within the framework of this context, under the same principles of the project the "PAHO Web 2.0" and aligned with the evolution and future of the World Wide Web, the Organization advances with this new project, represented in a new virtual forum called "Portal for Selective Information Dissemination of the Pan American Health Organization.

The objective of this project is that of registering, promoting and sharing, in an organized way, all the bulletins that are produced by the Organization through standardized and integrated systems and coordinated strategies that take advantage of the emerging available technologies in order to ensure a free and equitable access. 

The Pan American Health Organization, together with the member countries and with the support of the World Health Organization and other partners, is working to facilitate access to the most important sources of scientific and technical information from the world.   It has established projects and national, regional and global programs as the Virtual Health Library (VHL), Global Library in Health (GHL), Electronic Library of full texts (SciELO), GIFT for strengthening of its own intellectual capital, as well as HINARI, OARE and AGORA, that are programs established together with the greatest publishing houses in order to facilitate access to the more extensive health and biomedical literature collections for the developing countries. 

We hope to have your support to continue to create strategies and products that make it possible for us to consolidate PAHO as an authorized source of knowledge and health information. 

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