Latin American mental health professionals visit mental health services in Andalucía (Spain)


A group of six mental health professionals from Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, and Brazil visited Seville, Osuna, and Jerez in Andalucía from October 17 to 21. The purpose of the visit was to study the Spanish community’s care model for psychosocial rehabilitation and alternatives for caring for people with mental disorders in community and hospital settings. The participants were able to appreciate first-hand the valuable experiences of this community, whose health system has made enormous strides in the care and monitoring of the mentally ill, particularly long-term and severe cases.

Several facilities stood out during the visit: the therapeutic community of Santa Clara in Seville works with highly autonomous patients on daily life activities and group and family therapy. Another therapeutic community sees patients with less autonomy and therefore has higher staffing requirements. Intensive Community Treatment Teams conduct home visits and roam the streets providing support and treatment to homeless patients. The Casa Hogar de Triana, located in the neighborhood of that name, admits patients with moderate to severe dependency, who engages in typical household activities. Clinical mental health workers are not directly involved in its operations. Other supervised residences were also visited.