Evaluation and monitoring of mhGAP implementation in Panama

Tarun Dua, member of WHO’s mental health Gap Action Programme -mhGAP- team in Geneva, visited Panama May 1-5 to learn about the programme’s evaluation and implementation in Colón and San Miguelito, and about future actions to be performed in the country. 

Health teams from both regions and national mental health officials presented the evaluations and commented on the project’s strengths and weaknesses (102 non-specialized care professionals were trained in the use of the depression, OTH and epilepsy modules). They also discussed the need to expand the program to the indigenous regions of Darien and Ngobe-Bugle, as well as to Bocas del Toro health region. There was a consensus among participants that the modules on suicidal behavior, alcohol use disorders and developmental and behavioural disorders in childhood should be included in the training.