Status of mental health care services in Barbados

When it comes to the delivery of mental health care services in Barbados, data suggest that the care provided locally is comparable to that of more developed countries.

The information above was recently revealed by Health Minister Donville Inniss, who noted that the country has budgeted well to ensure adequate provision of mental health care services and a good ratio of mental health professionals, as needed for the local population.

“An examination of the status of mental health care services in Barbados, has revealed that despite the work that is yet to be done to accomplish the vision for accessible, comprehensive and fully integrated services, the level of care currently provided and the allocation of resources to this sector, is comparable with that of the more developed countries” Inniss recently commented.

“This level of care is also verified through the WHO-AIMS (World Health Organization Assessment Instrument for Mental Health Systems) Report for Barbados, which indicates that the ratio of mental health care professionals to the population is in keeping with international standards” Inniss pointed out. 

Acknowledging the need for the reform and modernization of local mental health services however, Inniss remarked that a multi-faceted approach will be needed. This will require the resources and expertise of a number of legislative, social, health and economic entities, he said. New models of financing would also need to be examined with the reorganization and regulation of services, Inniss added.

He also asserted that incorporating structures for the involvement of family members as important partners in care provision, is another aspect of mental health care reform that must be considered.

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Last Updated on Monday, 04 March 2013 15:59