Nursing and Mental Health in the Dominican Republic

Active ImageSanto Domingo, Dominican Republic, 28-29 April, 2009. A workshop on “Nursing and Mental Health” took place as part of the activities of the agreement of cooperation between countries (Nicaragua, Cuba and the Dominican Republic), with PAHO/WHO’s technical support, and centered on the theme “primary attention and mental health: coordination between levels and the role of nursing”.  

The inauguration was run by Dr. Mieses, National Director for Mental Health and Dr. Selma Zapata, PAHO/WHO Consultant, on behalf of PAHO’s Representation in the Dominican Republic. Dr. Victor Aparicio, Subregional Advisor of Mental Health presented an analysis of the situation of nursing in mental health at a subregional level. The experience of the three participating countries was presented by representatives from Cuba, Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic; Dr. M. Pichardo, PAHO/WHO Consultant, delivered a presentation on the development of guides and protocols. The project of specialization in mental health in the Dominican Republic, which is going to begin this year, was also presented. 

A seven-level matrix to evaluate the content of the programs of mental health in undergraduate studies of the three countries was developed during the workshop.  Also, a document providing the foundations for an analysis of the situation of nursing training in mental health was designed.


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