Tucumán, Argentina: Mental Health in Emergencies



A module on mental health in emergencies focusing on the influenza A (H1N1) pandemic was developed in the Province of Tucumán, Argentina, as part of the Mental Health Degree program, co-organized by the Department of Mental Health of Tucumán’s Ministry of Health, the University of Córdoba, and PAHO.

In addition to the regular students, health professionals who provide assistance to people affected by the pandemic also attended, most of them coming from the public health network. Also participating were professionals from other institutions, such as the National University of Tucumán, the Psychologists´ Association, the Disability Board, and private rehabilitation clinics.

Focusing on theory and practice, in addition to the basic principles of mental health protection in crises, expected reactions, and recommendations for the population, they learned about information management strategies and the impact on the mental health of intervention teams. A workshop was also held for the design of local intervention strategies to deal with the influenza A (H1N1) pandemic. The instructors were Silvia Bentolila and Stella Cazal Romero, professionals from the Health in Critical Incidents Program --POSAMIC.   


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