Benedetto Saraceno, new President of GIP


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On March 1st, the international not-for-profit organization Global Initiative on Psychiatry (GIP) announced the appointment of its new President, Dr. Benedetto Saraceno.

Benedetto Saraceno is a psychiatrist specialized in public health, and he served as Director of the Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse of the World Health Organization (WHO) from 1999 to February 28th, 2010. Among his many actions, Dr. Saraceno assisted in the reform of mental health services in several countries in Latin America and the Caribbean 

GIP’s mission is to promote ethical, humanitarian and effective mental health care throughout the world. GIP supports a global network of individuals and organizations to develop, promote and implement necessary reforms. The headquarters is located in the Netherlands and has active presence in 38 countries.

30 years of global action for mental health!

This year, the year of GIP’s 30th anniversary, the challenges confronting the organization could well be greater than any it has had to face before. The financial crisis that is affecting countries throughout the world is making it hard to attract the funds we need. Fewer funds for mental health mean a heightened risk of people with mental disorders being neglected or going untreated. I believe that the challenges for me as the new Chair of GIP will be to focus global attention on mental health while keeping the human rights of persons with mental disorders high on our agenda. I am most honoured that in assuming this position, I shall be following in the footsteps of a man of such vision and integrity as Robin Jacob.”   Dr. Benedetto Saraceno

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