Professionals trained in mental health and human rights


The National Department of Mental Health and Addictions and the Department of Human Capital and Occupational Health of the Argentine Ministry of Health, with technical support from PAHO/WHO, offered a virtual mental health refresher course for professionals in order to bring a rights-based approach and familiarity with the new Mental Health Law (26.657) to their interventions. 

More than 130 professionals from different areas of health and law in Argentina participated in the course

The course was held from September to December through the PAHO/WHO Virtual Campus of Public Health to help develop the competencies of human resources working in the mental health field in the country. It also served as a forum for discussion and reflection on addressing issues at the intersection of human rights and mental health. A new edition of the course is scheduled for March 2012.

The participants will now be better equipped to promote understanding and the introduction of a rights-based approach into mental health practices; to contribute to the reflection on existing practices and the implementation of practices under current regulations; to develop their critique of Law 26.657; and to promote the dissemination of state-of-the-art concepts and good practices in mental health interventions in keeping with the regulations in force.

For further information, please visit PAHO/Argentina website.


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