WHO QualityRights Tool Kit launch in New York

On 28 June, the World Health Organization launched the QualityRights Tool Kit. The event outlined WHO’s global campaign to improve care and halt human rights violations against people with mental health conditions.

Speakers with a wide range of experiences – from the world of Hollywood to the urban slums of India – provided their personal insight and perspectives on the dire situation faced by millions of people with mental health conditions around the world, and on how WHO QualityRights breaks new ground in the drive to raise the level of respect human rights and quality standards in mental health and social care. 

The Tool Kit, a landmark document of the WHO’s QualityRights Project, sets the key quality and human rights standards that need to be met in all mental health and social care facilities. It also provides guidance on how to conduct a comprehensive assessment, report findings and make recommendations to end violations and improve quality and human rights in facilities. 

To download the WHO QualityRights Tool Kit: http://www.who.int/mental_health/publications/QualityRights_toolkit/en/index.html