Well deserved recognition: Tribute to Dr. Victor Aparicio Basauri

In October 2012, Victor Aparicio Basauri received a moving and well deserved recognition for his contribution to the development and transformation of mental health services in the Region of the Americas for more than two decades.

The ceremony took place at the Regional Conference on Mental Health, held in Panama between 16 and 18 October, 2012. It was attended by Panama’s national health authorities, experts from twenty-five countries of the Americas and PAHO and WHO officials.

Since the beginning of the 90s, Victor Aparicio has stood out for promoting processes of change in mental health services in Latin America and the Caribbean. He was an active participant at the Regional Conference for the Restructuring of Psychiatric Care held in Caracas, Venezuela, in 1990, and one of the authors of the historic Declaration issued at that Conference.

In 1991, Dr. Aparicio joined the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) as temporary consultant. During this period, he worked in several countries of Latin America and Europe and actively participated in the quinquennial PAHO meetings on the restructuring of mental health programs in Latin America, developed in the 90s.

From October 2004 until the end of 2012, he served as PAHO’s Subregional Advisor on Mental Health for Central America, Mexico and the Hispanic Caribbean. He has been recognized for his vast work by national authorities in different countries. His collaboration with PAHO/WHO humanitarian emergency teams in many disasters in the Region should also be highlighted, such as the floods in El Salvador and Panama; pandemic H1N1, in Mexico; the earthquakes in Haiti and Chile; and the fire at the Comayagua Penitentiary Center in Honduras; among others.

Summarizing Dr. Aparicio Basauri’s career is a real challenge for all that he has done for mental health in the academic, professional, managerial and humanitarian fields, both in Spain and in other countries of Europe and Latin America. One of the national representatives present at the ceremony movingly expressed, "Rather than a consultant, Dr. Aparicio has been a true friend, a facilitator and a guide in our work in favor of mental health." Victor Aparicio Basauri retired from PAHO/WHO in December 2012.

Well deserved recognition! Congratulations, Dr. Aparicio!

We suggest reading an interview with Dr. Aparicio published by La Prensa on October 25, 2012, under the title: "En la mente de otro" (only in Spanish).


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