Regional Board of Health of the Health Region VI, province of Buenos Aires, Argentina

Active ImageThe Regional Board of Health of the Health Region VI, was conducted in the Municipality of Quilmes, one of the most populated areas of Greater Buenos Aires. This event was attended by the Provincial Director of Preventive Medicine, Dr. Alejandro Costa - representing the Minister -, the Director of Mental Health for the Ministry of Health, Dr. Anibal Areco, the Director of Coordination of Health Regions, Dr. Carlos A. Lorenzo and the Director of Primary Care, Dr. Liliana Fishkel. Also, Directors or Associate Directors of all provincial and municipal hospitals and the Secretaries of Health of the nine municipalities that make up Health Region VI participated in the event, approximately 200 people.

For the first time the central theme was Mental Health. The Director of the Health Region, Dr. Vincent Ierace, was the coordinator of the Bureau, and other participants included Dr. Hugo Cohen, Subregional Adviser in Mental Health of PAHO, Dr. Maria Silvia Villaverde, Judge of Family Court No. 3 of Lomas de Zamora, Dr. Anibal Areco, Director of Provincial Mental Health and the Lic.Mercedes Rattagan, who is the Regional Head of Mental Health.

The workshop emphasized the need to include mental health as a part of health policies, especially the need for trained personnel, availability of psychiatric drugs and beds for hospitalization in general hospitals, as well as strengthening primary care.

Emphasis was placed on the need to address mental health as part of general health system by ensuring an inclusive vision of all human beings. It was stressed that the persistence of traditional psychiatric hospitals prevents the effective inclusion of persons with mental disorders in the community and remaining resources necessary to support mental health services in other contexts.The working day ended with the debate on the Health of Mother and Child, the Human Resource Training and the Integration of Network Services. The Regional Council of Health developed in the Municipality of Quilmes confirms once again, that discussion and reflection is the best way to build bonds in working together to match a common goal: to improve population health.
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