Mental health in the prevention of violence and injuries in the northern border of México


Ciudad Juárez, México, 17 June, 2010 (PAHO/WHO) – Based on the number of daily homicides, Ciudad Juarez is considered one of the most violent cities in the world. Violence does not only affect the victims of murders and their families but the entire population. Children are afraid to play on the streets, youth are forced to become hired killers or drug dealers. Tension at home, suicide rates, domestic violence, and sex abuse rise but the victims are afraid to report them. 

In this environment of insecurity that Ciudad Juarez is suffering, the Pan American Health Organization/United States-Mexico Border Office, in collaboration with the Mexico Health Secretariat, the State of Chihuahua’s government as well as the local government of Ciudad Juarez, the University of Ciudad Juarez and the Bravo District College of Psychologists organized a workshop for local mental health professionals, administrators, psychologists and social workers, -who are every day in touch with psychosocial and mental health problems-, to share their experiences and help improve effective interventions and give adequate treatment to the ones affected.

Jorge Rodríguez, Principal Advisor on Mental Health, and Maristela Monteiro, Regional Advisor on Alcohol and Substance Abuse, participated on behalf of PAHO-WHO Regional Office.

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