Master Degree in Mental Health, National University of Córdoba, Argentina: “The Academy at the Service of Services”

Since 2008, in Argentina, the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) has led an initiative aimed at strengthening the integration between education and health care through the creation of Mental Health Degree and Postgraduate Courses. WHO Mental Health Policy and Services Guidance Package is the linchpin of these courses, which are linked to prevalent local issues from a public health and interdisciplinary perspective. 

The universities provide their teaching staff and offer the corresponding academic and institutional framework; the governments provide most of the financing and choose the participants from within the mental health system of each province; the professional associations collaborate in the coordination and in organizational aspects; and PAHO has coordinated and facilitated the processes and provides national and international consultants to participate as teachers in the different modules.

The programs include various local social problems such as: addictions, childhood, gender, violence, school, work, familyand deinstitutionalization. More than 500 professionals from different disciplines have been trained to date, such as psychiatrists, physicians, psychologists, nurses, social workers, lawyers, judges, physical education teachers and health educators, among others. 


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