Bariloche, Argentina: Camino Abierto celebrated its third anniversary


The Community Cultural Center “Camino Abierto” ( Open Road) in Bariloche, Province of Río Negro, has just celebrated its third year of existence.

The Center’s objective is to foster an environment of personal growth, enable social reintegration and stimulate and expand individual and group creative activities among users. In order to fight against stigma and social exclusion, people’s rights and needs are promoted by all possible means, with the support of both the family and the community.

The center works with an interdisciplinary team, socializing knowledge and promoting community participation. It is an open structure, where all kinds of cultural activities are carried out: literature, theater, visual arts, communication, “murga” dance, folklore, ceramics, drawing, crafts, and sports activities.

Over a hundred people including employees, customers, friends, families, the media, neighbors and representatives of various institutions, participated in the celebration. There were artistic interventions, dancing, videos and cake.

“There is no health without mental health; there is no mental health without social inclusion”


Last Updated on Tuesday, 10 May 2011 15:32