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PAHO and Canada Collaboration - Gender and Violence
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PAHO and Canada Collaboration
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Gender and Violence

Support CD51/12 Regional Plan of Action for the Acceleration of Maternal Mortality and Morbidity (2011) and CD49/13 Plan of Action for Implementing the Gender Equality Policy (2009) by strengthening the health sector capacity to detect, treat and prevent intrafamily violence as a gender-based cross cutting theme within the broader cooperation of strengthening primary health care and mental health, substance use reduction services in selected countries.
  • Support the validation and roll-out of the WHO Clinical and Policy Guidelines for the health sector response to partner violence against women (PreVAIL)
  • Assessment of the existing health care protocols/guidelines in one Member State to map out the strengths and weakness of the current health sector response.
  • Train health care professionals.
  • Develop / adapt protocols and other relevant documentation.


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