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World Health Day 2011 Call for Papers

The Revista Panamericana de Salud Pública / Pan American Journal of Public Health,published by the Pan American Health Organization, announces an open call for original papers, brief communications, and reviews for its next special issue, which will cover topics related to antimicrobial resistance.

The World Health Organization has selected antimicrobial resistance as the theme for World Health Day 2011, given the significant worldwide increase in this phenomenon in recent years, whose consequences include higher morbidity and mortality and a higher cost of treating infectious diseases.

The emergence and spread of resistance is one of the thorniest challenges confronting modern medicine and public health. The underlying cause is the growing use of antimicrobial drugs in both hospitalized patients and the community, although other contributing factors also play a role, which means that more evidence is needed on the causes, magnitude, and consequences of resistance.

Main theme: Antimicrobial resistance:

  • basic or clinical microbiology
  • infections associated with health care
  • impact of resistance on the burden of disease
  • impact on public health
  • clinical outcomes
  • financial costs.

Papers will be accepted in Spanish or English, and the manuscript selection process will follow Journal standards. The guest editors of the special issue are Drs. Gabriel Schmunis and Marcos Antonio Espinal. Dr. Espinal is the author of numerous publications in the area of communicable diseases, and his contributions to the study of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis have been critical to a better understanding of the disease’s epidemiology and public health impact. Dr. Schmunis created and developed the antimicrobial resistance surveillance and containment program aimed at strengthening microbiology laboratories, infection prevention and control practices, and the promotion of antimicrobial prescription standards.

In submitting papers, authors should follow the publishing standards of La Revista Panamericana de Salud Pública / Pan American Journal of Public Health, available at

Manuscripts should be no longer than 2 500 words (excluding tables, figures, and references). They should be submitted for publication to the following address:

The letter of introduction should indicate that the manuscript is being submitted for the special issue on antimicrobial resistance.


  • February 2011 Opening of submission period
  • 10 April 2011 Deadline for submission
  • 01 April to 15 July 2011 Peer review.
  • 15 July to 30 August 2011 Editing of the special issue
  • 25 September 2011 Publication on the PAHO website
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