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PAHO/CIDA Initiative 2011-2014: Improved Health and Increased Protection from Communicable Diseases (IHIPCD) for Women, Children and Excluded Populations in Latin America and the Caribbean


Ultimate Outcome:
Improved health and increased protection from communicable diseases for women, children and excluded populations in situations of vulnerability in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Intermediate Outcomes:
(1) Strengthened health systems based in primary health care for children and excluded populations with a specific focus on women and girls.

(2) Increased efficiency and effectiveness of PAHO to carry out its technical cooperation mandate especially in the area of gender equality.

alt(1.1) Health Services Delivery Improved capacity of health services to deliver responsive, effective and quality health care that is gender transformative and culturally appropriate.

(1.2) Health Information System Improved public health information and surveillance systems at all levels of the health sector to produce reliable, disaggregated (age, sex, ethnicity) and timely information.

(1.3) Leadership, Governance and Finance Improved capacity of national health authorities to govern the health system at all levels to advance equitable health policies and legislation that guarantee universal access to high quality health care.

(1.4) Monitoring and Evaluation Improved national health authorities capacity to perform monitoring and evaluation of health systems based on primary health care.

(2.1) Results and Risk Management Improved results based processes for PAHO entities at regional, subregional and country levels. (2.2) Gender and Cultural Diversity Improved capacity of the Organization to integrate gender and cultural diversity throughout the resolutions, policies and plans, programming, monitoring and reporting of PAHO entities at regional, subregional and country levels.

Countries of Focus:
Bolivia, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Guyana, Honduras, Nicaragua, Paraguay and Peru.

Funding Amount:
CAD$18 Million over a three-year period (ending March 2014). Link to project details.

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