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Regional Core Health Data Initiative

In 1995, the Regional Core Health Data and Country Profile Initiative was launched by the Pan American Health Organization / Regional Office of the World Health Organization (WHO) to monitor the attainment of health goals and compliance with the mandates of the Member States, in addition to ensuring the availability of a basic set of data to be collected annually that would make it possible to characterize the health situation and trends in the countries of the Region of the Americas. In 1997, the XL Directing Council of the Pan American Health Organization adopted the Resolution CD40.R10 on the Collection and Use of Core Health Data to:

- evaluate the health status of the population and health trends,
- provide empirical basis for identifying the population groups with greater health needs,
- stratify epidemiological risk,
- determine critical areas, and
- examine the response of the health services to provide input for policy-making and setting priorities in this field.

Components of the Regional Core Health Data Initiative
PAHO Basic Indicator Data Base (updated in December 2007)
The online table generator is a multidimensional query tool that offers a collection of 117 indicators for 48 states and territories of the Americas from 1995 to 2007. The system presents data and indicators on:
- demography
- socioeconomic
- mortality by cause indicators
- morbidity and risk factors
- access, resources and health services coverage.

For definitions of the indicators please visit the online glossary on basic health indicators.
Health Situation in the Americas: Basic Indicators
57 indicators of the basic indicators database are published annually in the format of a brochure in English and Spanish. The first edition of Basic Indicators was published in 1995. From the 2003 update on, data is presented by country and subregions.

View Health Situation in the Americas: Basic Indicators 2007 in PDF format.
Country Health Profiles
Country Health Profiles include a health situation analysis of every country of the Region of the Americas. The chapter describes the general situation, the specific health problems of the different population groups and type of health problems as well gives an overview over the response of the health system in the country, including national health policies and plans and the institutional organization of the health system.
Basic Health Indicators Atlas
The Atlas of Basic Health Indicators is a Geographic Information System for the query and display of thematic maps based on data from the 2001 core health data update (available only in spanish).
Reference Documents
- Pan American Health Organization. 10-Year Evaluation of the Regional Core Data Initiative in Health. Washington, D.C.: PAHO; 1 October 2004. (Document CD45/14)

- Pan American Health Organization. Health Indicators: Basic Elements for the Health Situation Analysis. Epidemiological Bulletin PAHO, 2001; 22 (4): 1-5.

- Pan American Health Organization. Collection and Utilization of Core Data in Health. Washington, DC: PAHO; 14 July 1997 (CD40/19 document and CD40/R10 Resolution).

The Health Analysis and Statistics Unit (HA) is responsible for the development and maintenance of this technical information system. The Core Health Data is a work in progress and we welcome your comments to assist us in the process.

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