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Maternal Health

Bringing health care to indigenous communities in the Orinoco and Amazon
2013-09-25 01:49:01

Vaupés and Vichada are characterized by having the largest indigenous population in Colombia. The Ministry of Health and Social Protection of Colombia was keen to start work in these communities to improve their access to health services.

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"Experiences, Lessons Learned and Perspectives"
2013-09-18 20:47:59
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Historias Exitosas del Proyecto Cofinanciado por la Agencia Canadiense para el Desarrollo Internacional - CIDA Programa Regional de Enfermedades Infecciosas Desatendidas Historias exitosas
2013-09-18 14:25:20
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Peru, Regional Project: Improved Health for Women, Children and Marginalized Populations
2012-06-11 09:18:09
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